Eriztina's life Eriztina's Life: the Faceless Drama The student’s life - parties, nightclubs, sex, drugs. But sooner or later, you’ll have to pay for everything...

Eriztina's life

Eriztina's life

Amillidius Production

Amillidius Production AC specializes in creating commercials, music videos, short films and TV series.


Short film "The Life of Eriztina."

Film crew

Elvira Gavrilova

Producer, scriptwriter

Bogdan Terzi

Director, co-producer


Milena Kompaniets in the lead role

Theater and film actress

Жизнь Эризтины - историю расскажут руки
Milena Kompaniets

History of creation

In 2020, we decided to devote every tenth video shot by Amillidius Production to social issues. It is our contribution to the development of society and the solution of global problems. Drugs are one of such issues, the topic we decided to address in the first film. Drugs strike young people who waste their lives instead of changing this world for the better.

The film’s budget was $12,700.

Elvira Gavrilova


A young girl, a successful student, leads a life typical for her peers: she has time to study and hang out in clubs, tries drugs. After graduating from university, she leaves the sins of her youth far behind, works, and builds relationships with a man. She gets married and becomes pregnant, but the past turns back unexpectedly. The body affected by using drugs can't cope with carrying a child. She has a miscarriage. A would-be mother turns inward and falls into depression, relations with her husband deteriorate. Divorce. In her attempt to cope with stress, the woman returns to drugs...


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